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Course details

Quick overview


Why to learn python?

With a balance of being both easy to learn and widely used in the real world, we suggest learning Python for kids.

Where shall we use python?

Python is commonly used for developing websites and different kind of software, easier task automation, data analysis, and data visualization. Since it’s relatively easy to learn, Python has been adopted by many non-programmers as well.

Advantages of learning python

Widely used in different industries and applications(think Youtube).You can learn many next-gen technologies like robotics, AI ,ML using python.

Creative thinking

Hands on learning experience that promotes children’s creative thinking, teamwork, and problem-solving skills.

    1. Python Introduction
      1. What is Python
      2. What can Python do?
      3. Why Python
    2. Get Started with Python
      1. Install
      2. Quick start
      3. Command line
    3. Syntax of Python
      1. Execute Python Syntax
      2. Indentation
      3. Variables
    4. Comments line in Python
      1. Creating a Comment
      2. Multi Line Comments
      3. Exercises
    5. Variables
      1. Creating Variables
      2. Casting
      3. Get the Type
      4. Single or Double Quotes
      5. Case Sensitive
    6. Variable Names
      1. Multi Words Variable Names
      2. Camel Case
      3. Pascal Case
      4. Snake Case
    7. Multiple Values
      1. Many Values to Multiple Variables
      2. One Value to Multiple Variables
      3. Unpack a Collection
    8. Output Variables
      1. Output Variables
    9. Global Variables
      1. Global Variables
      2. The Global Keyword
    10. Variable Exercises
    11. Data Types
      1. Built-in Data Types
      2. Getting the Data Type
      3. Setting the Data Type
      4. Setting the Specific Data Type
    12. Numbers
      1. Python Numbers
      2. Int, Float, Complex
      3. Type Conversion
      4. Random Number
    13. Casting
      1. Specify a Variable Type
    14. Strings
      1. Strings
      2. Assign String to a Variable
      3. Multiline Strings
      4. Strings are Arrays
      5. Looping Through a String
      6. String Length
      7. Check String
      8. Check if NOT
    15. Slicing Strings
      1. Slicing
      2. Slice from the start
      3. Slice to the end
      4. Negative Indexing
    16. Modify Strings
      1. Upper Case
      2. Lower Case
      3. Remove Whitespace
      4. Replace String
      5. Split String
      6. String Methods

  • Apply engineering design skills at each step of the design process.
  • Develop efficient problem-solving and coding skills
  • Design projects that combine hardware and software components to collect and exchange data.
  • Work with variables, data arrays and cloud data.
  • Apply critical thinking and develop life skills for the careers of tomorrow.

Certificate will be awarded after successful completion of each level. Student can opt for advance level once they finish their basic level course.

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Python Programming Course Summer Camp


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