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Drone robotics beginner level course with kit

Building critical thinking and skills of the future

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Course details

Quick overview


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You will get an educational drone having lots of unique features which can be programmed using scratch and python programming language.Click here to know more details.

Creative thinking

Hands on learning experience that promotes our creative thinking, teamwork, and problem-solving skills.

Learn while having fun

Children & adults alike enjoys building things  while using easy to use kit which make them learn 21st century skills

STEAM based learning

We provide hands-on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics solutions with lessons that are adaptable to students across all ages and abilities.

  • How does an object fly
  • Meet your drone
  • Setup and first fly using controller
  • Drone extensions and Setup
  • Fly with extensions
  • Setup and first fly using laptop(Scratch programming)
  • Program to fly in a square, circle etc(Scratch programming)
  • Design a digital game by coding
  • Flight data sharing
  • Setup and first fly using python programming language
  • Program to fly in a square, circle etc(Python programming)
  • Assessment & certification

  • Learn electronic robotics and programming in a fun way.
  • Develop efficient problem-solving and coding skills
  • Learn projects that combine hardware and software components to collect and exchange data.
  • Apply critical thinking and develop life skills for the careers of tomorrow.

Certificate will be awarded after successful completion of each level. Student can opt for advance level once they finish their basic level course.

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Drone robotics beginner level course with kit


  • 8 online live classes
  • Litebee wing drone kit

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