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Course details

Quick overview


What will I learn in this course?

Design & code your own AI models like chat bot, facial recognition & games in this AI & ML course.

Hands-on learning

Hands-on learning is a form of education in which children learn by doing. Instead of simply listening to a teacher or instructor lecture about a given subject, the student engages with the subject matter to solve a problem or create something.

Work with mobile app 

Students will learnt o apply AI and ML models using mobile app.

Creative thinking

Hands on learning experience that promotes children’s creative thinking, teamwork, and problem-solving skills.

  • Introduction
  • Odd | Even | Leap Year | Number finder
  • Calculator
  • Customised Timer App
  • Hand Wash Reminder App
  • Shopping Cart
  • Home Work Checker App
  • Report Card Generator
  • To Do List
  • Barcode Scanner
  • Hit & Miss Game
  • Login Page with OTP using Fire DB
  • Chat App using Cloud DB
  • Difference between Machine learning, Deep learning & Artificial Intelligence.
  • Use teachable machine & make a text classification model
  • Image Recognition Project
  • Expressions Classification Project
  • Gesture Recognition Project
  • Rock Paper Scissor Game
  • Build your own Chatbot
  • Optical Character Recognition
  • Speech Recognition
  • AI based family Health App
  • Google Lens based recipe suggestion

  • Learn AI and ML along with Mobile app development
  • Develop efficient problem-solving and coding skills
  • Design projects that integrates front and black end to collect and exchange data.
  • Work with variables, data arrays and cloud data.
  • Apply critical thinking and develop life skills for the careers of tomorrow.

Certificate will be awarded after successful completion of the course. Student can opt for other courses after finishing this one.

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AI & ML complete course


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