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The stem classes were absolutely amazing! They enabled my son to explore new aspects of robotics. The teachers were supportive and always looked forward to excelling my ward’s understanding.Thank you team!

- Jagadeesh's Mom

Robo classes for kids

Eashan had a great learning experience with Robo classes. He enjoyed every class and all levels of Wedo. Teaching methods adopted by teachers help simplify even the complex coding tasks and thus making the kids enjoy the learning.Teachers are very good and help keep the interests of kids in all the sessions. Eashan has participated in a few coding competitions from school with the continuous guidance of the teachers. He is highly motivated to learn further levels of coding. Thanks to the entire team .

- Eashan's Mom

Lego wedo robotics

My name is Meera Al Khaldi-a UAE National- I am 7 years old. I attended wedo Lego program level one during my spring break 2022, and it was an interesting, creative and meaningful journey.I recommend all the children to utilise their vacation by attending such programs to support your creative thinking
I thank my teacher for providing me necessary guidance, challenges and materials.

- Meera

Robotics for kids

In this day and age it was essential for Cyrus to be fostered into an institute that would provide him with both Knowledge and support.The teacher’s are well versed with the matter and have good tutoring skills and are very accommodative to our requests at all times. My kids have certainly increased their knowledge in Robotics / Rubik’s Cube / 3D animation and have the skills and mindset to venture into further programs.I would like to thank the team for all thesupport and have my faith in them to take my children through the years.

- Cyrus's Mom

Spike prime with Python

Robo classes has triggered creativity in Ryan. The learning helps him to unlock new-age thinking and program new Robot prototypes that are awe-striking to us.The tutors are well versed in their subjects and are able to guide diligently. We thank you Robo Classes for getting Ryan to be future-ready.

- Ryan's Mom

Robotics for kids

The Robo classes Spike Prime sessions have been enlightening for Jaiden. What was simple curiosity has led to interesting coding experiments that is delightful to experience. Thanks to the teacher for his patience and the team in providing flexible and interesting sessions!

- Jaiden's Mom

Robotics for kids

I have registered my 9 year old son into these robotics classes last year and my son feels excited about the different robot constructions using Lego blocks and also coding it to make it work and feels amazed looking at the outcome and enjoys a lot. He never want to miss the class as the teachers are friendly and patient to solve all your doubts. These classes has not only improved his thinking skills but also makes it interesting to explore and do construct many new robots.

- Nikshith's Mom


My son is 8 years old, and he has been learning for the last several months, being part of various programs, Robotics, learning Rubik’s cube, and Scratch Programming. It has been a great experience. All the instructors have been very helpful, providing individual attention, and very responsive to doubts and queries. The management team, too, is very adaptive and helpful.

- Dhruv's Mom

Sudar in our scratch classes

The management is able to easily get connected and help parents to create a future scientists by offering niche courses such as coding, programming, and robotics. The teachers are very kind hearted, supportive and well educated.They bring up the full potential of students in highly efficient way and showcase their skills in the arena.

- Sudaleeshwar's Mom

I would like to thank for the opportunity that was presented to my children’s to utilize their potential with creative online STEM classes that has boosted their technical, logical and practical knowledge.
This is indeed a great learning experience and the contents as provided by the institute was certainly value for money.

I would like to thank  the team for all the support and have my faith in them to take my children through the years.

- Abigail's Mom

Spike Prime classes with Layan

I registered my daughter for robotics class almost a year ago, she is now in level 4 spike prime. Besides learning robotics, she became very confident, she is able to build robots on her own, program them and explain their functioning clearly to her friends and classmates.The teachers and management are cooperative and really helpful.

- Layan's Mom

Ayesha in our lego classes

“Just fantastic-coding is fabulous ” great learning environment. Ayesha has a great time building and coding her robots and has learnt so much. Thank you so much for nurturing her interest and her skills in something that clearly fascinates her. This has also given her the opportunity to be a part of WRO and FLL competitions from her school. Looking forward to the next level.

- Ayesha's Mom

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