Java – FAQ9

What is your fees refund policy? We strictly follow a no refund policy under any circumstances.

Java – FAQ10

You did not find a question that you were looking for in this FAQ? Feel free to contact us on or whatsapp us on +971 56 116 9470

Java – FAQ6

If my child skips any online session, will s/he get the revision session? No. There are no makeup sessions for absent students. Coach shall brief him in 5 quick minutes on the next day about what he missed. Session recording…

Batch time change

 Is it possible to change the batch time / days in the middle of the course? Once you select date and batch time, its difficult for us to change batch time but we will consider this in very special circumstances.

Java – FAQ4

What is next online course after this course for my children? We are in process to develop new courses for this age group of students. We will keep you posted with the same in the nearest future time.

Java – FAQ3

What is the age group for this course? Any specific prior knowledge and skill require to join this course? Any specific requirement at my Home for joining this course? Any student of age 14 & above or grade 8 &…

Java – FAQ2

What will my children learn in this course? Children will learn basic concepts of coding, Logic of Coding as well as online work at Home on the Projects as mentioned in the course description. Students will build their own Games…